Keeping up with Candace

This page is as much of a “Keeping up with Candace” page as it is a “Keeping Candace accountable” page.

Once I write out what I’m doing, you guys have a Kingdom obligation to hold me accountable to it.

I give ya’ll permission to contact me at and be like “So girl, about those goals…WAYAT?”


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But seriously, I need help. Discipline is not my strongest suit. FINISHING tends to be a PROBLEM. I’m currently in 2 accountability relationships. 3 if you count ya’ll.

There are a few things on the immediate agenda.

In March 2017 I am launching a bible study group out of my home. Don’t know how long it’s going to go. So far, we’re going to work through a series “I am Found: Quitting the Game of Hide & Seek with God and Others.” (based off a book of the same title by Laura Dingman)

Ya’ll pray my strength in the Lord, hear?

I will post the notes on the site, but ONLY if you guys want to follow along. Let me know.

I am supposed to be blogging on at LEAST a monthly basis. AT.LEAST. So if you see me skip a month, holla at your girl.

I am to be doing Writing Prompts on a weekly basis. These are to get my “writer juices” flowing. 1 prompt a week.

I am working on a revised version of a play I wrote & produced in college. By the end of the quarter (which BTW, is the end of March) I am supposed to have 40 pages of dialogue written. Ask me if I’ve started…


Now that’s the stuff you can see. The stuff you CAN’T see is that I really struggle with my bible reading & prayer time. And the facts are these… I will cut EVERYTHING off if I don’t start taking more pleasure in that privileged part of my relationship with Jesus. The name of this site is UBU…4HIM! If it’s not #4Him, #InHim #WithHim, then I hang up the whole thing. I have a tendency to equate me doing the Lord’s work with being with the Lord. Naw.

It’s like wandering the mall with a friend but ya’ll ain’t together. You both ride together in the same car to said mall. You both go into the same stores, but you never speak. You go in different directions whilst in the same department store and then you leave together in the same car never having had a conversation.

It’s weird and denotes a lack of relationship. I’m not having it.


I am going to be working through the Book of Hebrews for Lent. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m also giving up junk food & bread. #FathaGAWDKeepmeCLOSEtoThineCross

Clearly, as goals are reached or even changed, this page will be updated!

Seriously guys, check in on me. I really would appreciate the accountability.

Here’s to #ReachedGoals


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