So if you’re new to my site or someone who’s tagged along for awhile on this somewhat unpredictable journey of mine…Hey y’all HEY!


This site started off as ubu4him.com. The concept really grew from a few places. After being in church for so many years, managing a Christian bookstore and just observing my own social spheres, I realized that the world but particularly the Body of Christ was suffering from an Identity Crisis. I have never seen so many people trying to be like everyone other than themselves. I thought to myself, “I should say something about this!”

But before I could get into my Wonder Woman stance, the Holy Spirit started tugging on my cape and told me to have SEVERAL seats! (in my Tamar voice) (that’s how He talks to me! Judge yourself!) He showed me that before I could save the world, He needed to help me deal with MYSELF about this issue. I was afraid to be TOTALLY me.

Oh sure, SOME of me would show up sometimes but most of her was tucked away (I was legit CANdace TUCKer) . I didn’t even know how to pull her up she had been tucked away so long. Not only was that bad, but I also realized that I didn’t know how to be ME in the FREEDOM of Christ! I knew how to be “church” Candace and carnal Candace, but I had NO CLUE how to be CHRIST in Candace – The Hope of Glory. (Colossians 1:27). I didn’t know how to be ME; Christ’s original blueprint.

As I worked through figuring out my original blueprint, I realized how much trauma was limiting my potential. Before I could become original Candace, I had to deal with old warped Candace. She was IN THE WAY. She wasn’t letting me live my best life. While processing all of this, I wrote my first book, “Letters to the Finishers (who struggle to finish)” which is all about confronting the issues that were keeping me bound to an identity that was no longer serving me. I was determined to get to my finish-lines & wanted to help others get to theirs.

So I went about the business of KILLING CANTUCK so CANWIL could flourish.

Spoiler Alert: SHE IS.

So that’s what this journey is all about. I’m not here to deliver you, I’m here to GET delivered. Having this blog/website is PART of my deliverance. Should the Holy Spirit get you together at this Well too, then at least you’re in good company.

(Candace Wilkins formerly Candace Tucker)